United Kingdom

Shipping & Returns


Before you buy goods and pay for success in the future, we will arrange the shipment as soon as possible. Usually this time is not necessarily, if our stock enough, you can send immediately.

In your time of receipt of the goods is probably needs 7-15 days, sometimes longer, which is determined by your location. But we will certainly let you receive the goods as soon as possible, this is our hope.


If you do not like the products you buy, you can return at the time we set. However, we will not be responsible for all transportation costs.

Moreover, to withdraw the product must be intact, all trademarks are untouched. The process is cumbersome, and a waste of time. So, we do not support your return, hope you can buy what you want goods.

Change Project

If you want to cancel the order, or to change your shipping address, please contact our customer service. Generally, the order and successful payment after the next one, we will not allow the change. You can understand.